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About Me

I was born and raised in Central Jersey and have much family overseas, particularly in Jamaica and England. Seeing family has always been a great excuse to travel. I have a diverse racial/ethnic family background, and I take pride in this, because I feel connected in a special way to the various types of people across the planet.

The community I was raised in was one of great polarity and still is. I grew up in a light blue, medium sized house down the street from some housing projects, while the other side of town featured quite a few million dollar homes. The town I grew up in is one of the most popular towns in NJ, so with so much polarity I had many unforgettable experiences—positive and negative. This was all a blessing though, because I got to grow up experiencing firsthand many different kinds of people, from rich kids whose parents owned a yacht, to immigrant kids who told me stories about how they came to America with very little money speaking no English.

As a child, I was blessed enough to go to several different kinds of schools, and had a very fun, positive, and uniquely abnormal experience.

I always had a proclivity towards understanding how things work, and enjoyed science. This passion was instilled by collecting The Magic School Bus books as a child. A beautiful coincidence of this that I didn’t notice when I began collecting them is that the author and I share the same last name, numeric day of birth, and state of birth. It's like we're "energy family." Funnily enough, my consciousness mechanics videos parallel her work of explaining how reality works.

The main impetus in my quest for knowledge was my upbringing—specifically the house I was raised in. The house was very old, and very haunted. A haunted house is a see-it-to-believe-it kind of experience, wherein most non-superstitious people would have to observe firsthand to believe such a thing is real. No matter how much I tried to deny spirituality it was always there, looking me in the face (sometimes literally). My house was abnormally haunted; the kinds of things that happened in it went above and beyond what could be blamed on "just the wind." And while growing up in a haunted house was terrifying, it also served as jet fuel in igniting my curiosity for the nature of existence. It gave me the visceral proof my logical, scientific mind required to never question the fact that life is not relegated to the physical, and that modern science doesn’t remotely understand the human mind, brain, and consciousness’s relationship to the universe.

Side Note: A piece of media that perfectly illustrates the general experience I've had with my haunted house and understanding the dimensions of physicality, consciousness, and mind, is a short segment from a movie you can view by clicking here. I'm not a fan of the movie, but I do resonate with this clip.

Religion and other social factors played a part in my life’s path, but I don’t want to get too deep into personal dramas. Let’s just say I’ve come a very long way as a person, and am very much beyond most of world culture in general. “Beyond” in a spatial sense, meaning I have a bigger-picture perspective that renders daily life to be illusionary (but still fun!). Not "beyond" in an ego sense, meaning I am “better” than it. And just because something is illusionary doesn’t mean it isn’t ecstatically enjoyable. For me, "walking down the street" contains just as much magic as walking down the street of a lucid dream. If anything, me seeing things as illusionary allows me to enjoy it more thoroughly, because I get to experience a perspective of that thing that involves more information, and thus more richness. For example, I now don’t even identify with language, so much as I identify with thought itself. Language is a fun, symbolic, physical tool for communicating nonphysical thought. Having this perspective allows me to hold a greater command over language, enhances my communication skills, and allows me to hear what a person is “really” saying, regardless of what comes out of their mouth.

And although I think mechanically and see the universe as a type of illusion, I also know that paradox is involved, and that the experience of that illusion is real. Just how your experience of observing a movie or video game as colorful light off a screen is real. Reality being an illusion doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, and doesn’t mean it isn’t solid. It just means its solidity is relative, and this enigmatic dream-like quality is just another demonstration of life’s miraculousness.

In summary, I’ve had many “supernatural” and “otherworldly” experiences growing up, and it generated a passion in me that has lead me to the amount of experiences necessary to have the capacity to explain them as natural, worldly phenomena. I have a deep spiritual background coupled with a profoundly analytical, logical, science-oriented mind, which is what allowed me to be the person I am today, doing the things I am doing.

Obviously there is a lot more to my life’s story, but this is a good mini bio. I have an extreme passion for enjoying life, making the world a better place, and sharing information with others about what I’ve learned thus far. One of my life purposes is to help and guide others as they explore who and what they are, and assist the world in unraveling this marvelous gift that is the human experience.

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