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Things I'm Building

IAMNIVERSE — a very small brand with a very big message, featuring all sorts of information, media, and products explaining the core aspects of human experience. The word “IAMNIVERSE” was made from the phrase “I AM uNIVERSE.”

Consciousness Mechanics — an observation-based natural science, which serves to explain the human experience of consciousness, brain, mind, spacetime, and general reality perception. Like how quantum mechanics explains quantum phenomena and soil mechanics explains the behavior of soil, consciousness mechanics explains the basic workings of the self-awareness quality permeating all experience.

MRP — currently in a testing phase, MRP, which stands for the magnetic realignment process, is a newly crafted technique for curing illness in the human body. Right now, it’s testing to literally cure cancer. I made this because I don’t believe cancer is hard to cure in its early stages, and have seen this technique work on myself. Now it’s time to share my findings with the public, so the public can see too.


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