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Site Art

This site features much art. Something you may or may not have known is that I build my sites from scratch, and choose the art, font, colors, and so forth personally—if not directly snapping a photo and or creating something abstract in Photoshop. And although much of the site’s decor was chosen because it looks pretty, some of it means a bit more to me than that. I thought I’d explain some of the site’s art, because it took over a couple weeks to decide and implement fully.

Alternatively, this page serves as a buffer for the contact section. There are too many bots and people trying to sell stuff to just have it out in the open like that. So although this page is a buffer, I thought I’d make it an *~artistic buffer~*.

First, let's dive into the symbol you clicked on to get to this page—the endless knot.

The endless knot, aka eternal knot, has various spiritual meanings I resonate with, but I primarily used it because it’s a positive spiritual symbol in general, and represents the fact that everything is connected. In all the intricacies of the universe, it is still all one thing, and consciousness—the thing generating it as an observation—has no “end” or “beginning,” because those are observations created within consciousness. The knot has no end physically, and has no end spiritually.

I have to admit, this site isn't fully finished. The double C symbol that functions as the main page's section separator and favicon for this site isn't ready to be talked about just yet... (As of October 30th, 2017.) I put it in newly, which is why all the other banners still have the ॐ symbol. I'll get to all that at a later date, because there are some other sections I'm thinking of adding to this site, along with introducing that new symbol.

The little Om symbols you see scattered across the top banners of the site were chosen because plain bullets are boring, and ॐ is a also a positive spiritual concept like the endless knot. It’s featured in the center of much 3rd eye chakra art, plus, it looks like someone sprinting, skipping from section to section.

Next, the top and bottom banner art… I chose all of the site headers and footers for a reason, so I’ll explain them each with one or two sentences.


The bottom banners:

Blog footer — The meaning is obvious.

What I Do footer — The boat symbolizes traveling into uncharted waters, and overall being a voyager.

Who I Am footer — The lighthouse symbolizes me being a guide. Lighthouses provide navigation by shining brightly when dark. They serve several functions, but can act as landmarks for aerial and oceanic mapping, and serve to guide boats towards the harbor at night.

Endless Knot footer — Trees act as biological antenna for themselves and the planet. The milky way background and the trees symbolize "downloading information from the stars," or from a higher source in general. Hence, it being the footer for this symbolism page; you're mentally downloading (receiving) information about this site, which is originating from your unconscious mind ("higher" source).


Now for the top banners.

Blog header — Light bulbs to me symbolize “Eureka!” “A ha!” “Bingo!” and just the general vibe of thinking and thought. So it kind of says “thoughts of Carlton,” seeing as though it’s on a writing desk and is a banner for my blog. The human head with all the brain’s electric pulses is like a light bulb. I guess that’s why some people are called bright and others dim. Lol.


Who I Am portion of the site:

Bio header — Simple layers of black and white. The blending of polarity. The page discusses some “layers” of who I am.

Many Roles header — The blue being is an edited picture of a flat sculpture depicting Akhenaten’s daughter. All his kids were commonly depicted with that androgynous, basically genderless phenotype. Akhenaten had a penchant for depicting himself and family with exaggerated, ET-like features.

Many Roles 2 header — This is a statue of Vishvarupa. It represents being connected to multiple, simultaneously existing incarnations of self. Poetically, it represents a statue of the "hand" of one's higher dimensional soul, that can anchor itself into the lower dimensional 3D world as various "fingers" that are separate people. That's not what Vishvarupa is about, but that's what the statue means to me.

Resonance header — This is an unbarred spiraled galaxy named NGC 2841. It symbolizes resonance, because it is an amalgam of stellar matter and energy dancing together, in sync like two vibrating tuning forks.

Gallery header — Photos, scratchboard, and post-impressionism painting by yours truly.

Q&A header — A tunnel-like, hallway-like area. Let’s walk down a corridor of questions.


What I Do portion of the site:

Projects header — Gears. Mechanical behavior. What I “do.” Mechanical action = doing. Obvious.

Teaching header — Pictured is a beautiful Mahayana Buddhist temple called “Borobudur.” Honestly, I just like it’s vibe. It’s an overall unusual/weird (good weird!) monument that gives off an air of ancient enlightenment using gigantic stone bells. Not only is it the biggest Buddhist temple on Earth, it is the only temple I can think of with no roof or place to go inside.

Literature header — Tunnel of books and light. Fun.

Video header — A carnival. Also fun. Carnivals have pretty lights and motion-based entertainment, like videos. I like all the banners, but this one’s color palette is really eye candy.

Q&A header — It’s a photo of a tall building. I like the geometry of it all, and like how the shadows and the light form an A shape. Just another case of “it looks cool.” It was fun adding clear text with a shadow for definition.


Endless Knot portion of the site:

Site Symbolism header — I love cathedral art; especially complex stained glass windows. I remember as a child going to church and enjoying seeing the colorful light shine through the windows. Also, I’ve never seen negative art in the form of stained glass. Stained glass is always made for something sacred or uplifting, and is a general symbol of positivity.

Browser Rendering header — Roman Colosseum. An ancient place that rendered different kinds of entertainment for people. Showed conflict = web browser may show conflict.

Contact header — Japanese tree roots overlapping and growing with each other. Separate, but connected.

endless knot footer