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I thought I’d throw in a fun little section, wherein I PREDICT THE FUTURE.

Technically, predicting the future is a matter of context, regarding what you’re predicting.

Certain things are obviously going to happen, like someone’s pet passing away, but HOW is another story.

Another thing I’d like to mention, regarding how I see predictions, is that it’s a declaration of where you intend to head, but only for the one perceiving that prediction. In other words, if I envision Bob and Erica getting married in a few years, that’s just what I’m sensing now, and not guaranteed to ever happen. But most importantly, the prediction is reflective of the person doing the prediction. If I see and feel that Bob and Erica will get married, that’s different than Bob and Erica seeing themselves getting married. If Bob saw that he would marry Erica in the future, that may make Bob not want to be in a relationship with her, because maybe Bob was against marriage, until, as destiny would have it, he spent years with Erica that eventually wanted him to get married. In this case, Bob and Erica were only going to get married because it was an unexpected consequence of their now behavior patterns and intentions.

I just want to illuminate that predictions are reflections of NOW INTENTION, and probable change. Human beings are actually a lot more robotic and predictable than we think, and our behavior patterns, as well as active intentions are a formula that seems unexplainably complex from the human perspective, but from the higher dimensions of HDEMF beingness our lives are like predictable snowflakes. It’s extremely elaborate and unique, but from a bigger perspective it’s just an intricate structure of motion. I could explain more, but I’ll leave it at that. I just want to reiterate how life is fixed but not fixed, but the unfixed aspect is still kinda fixed, just how our bodies are a specific atomic structure, yet that structure can do and create an uncountable yet still finite amount of things.

Predictions are a trip, in more ways than one.


Ayo I’m trippin, I’m fallin, I can’t get up. Ayo I’m trippin, I’m fallin, I can’t get up. Ayo I’m trippin, I’ve fallen, I gotsta get up, get back on my feet so I can tear shidup –DMЖ

Timestamp: February 10th, 2020


Prediction Time!

What will happen within the next 100 years. By 2120:

The human body, along with all its diseases will be understood, from top to bottom, completely, and disease won’t be a problem on Earth anymore.

Life will be found on Mars, or it will be revealed that life has already been found on Mars, but wasn’t made public. Fun facts: Governments have had over 20 successful Mars missions, and Mars has frozen water, and evidence of ancient rivers and lakes—it’s not completely barren.

Life will be found, or it will be revealed that life was already found on other planets as well. I’m only singling out Mars because it’s a hot topic in pop science culture.

Humans will begin living up to 400 years old.

There will be technology that will allow people to play video games that function like interactive dreams.

Earth will have living technology. Electronic devices won’t have to be dead machines; some can be self-aware devices that can interact with the person’s mind to function. So instead of having to flip a light switch, you could telepathically tell the room’s light to turn on, and it will. Technology will be seen as an extension of its creator. Also, this will all be done in a positive, loving manner, not in a robo-slave manner. Like a person telling their dog to fetch, only it’s not a dog.

Pop science will begin to wake up to the fact that spirit is just disembodied mind, and begin plumbing the depths of what all that entails.

Earth will have technology that can interact with one’s mind / Earth will have technology that can interact with spirit.

Earth will have space vehicle technology that can easily traverse the stars and travel superluminally.

Earth will have a Star Wars like environment, minus the wars, wherein aliens and humans can interact freely.

There’re tons of extremely bizarre things that will begin to happen in the near and distant future, that will make today’s world look like advanced-medieval times. All the problems on will have been solved.

I also believe Earth will be getting a new planet in our visible solar system—that depends on several factors though.

That’s all for now.

Predicting over.

I will update this in the future, because there are more things I’d like to mention but don’t feel to right now. Plus, I may make some predictions regarding phenomena in a smaller and closer time frame.

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