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(Spelled backwards to thwart bots.)

I’m a very busy person, but I do respond to e-mails. There’s nothing better than knowing all this work has made a positive impact in someone’s life. On the other hand, if I don’t respond, don’t take it personal! Either I was planning on responding and forgot, the message was filtered, I’m not interested in your business deal (sometimes I’ll respond, if I feel the offer was genuine and uniquely written by a human, and not cookie-cutter spam), or it was a consultation type e-mail.

I have several complex filters set up, so I literally won’t get certain kinds of messages (the bad kind, lol), even if your e-mail client says you’ve sent them. I love exchanging new ideas, but please understand I’m not here to argue or debate—don’t bother wasting your energy because I literally won’t read it.

Please don’t ask consciousness mechanics, health, or life-growth questions because I have services for that. Book a one-on-one with me, and we can dive into absolutely whatever you’d like. Normally, I would be happy to answer simple stuff if that means helping people, but the internet isn’t normal. One question turns into two, then turns into three, and next thing you know I’m functioning like a full-blown psychiatrist, without the fair (more like “fare”) exchange. I made sure the sessions are affordable, so if you can afford access to an internet connection, you can afford a session. I’ll always have affordable stuff on the site, but as far as services go, in the future the prices may go up. They’ll still be reasonable, just not dirt-cheap like they are now. So as the old saying goes, “get’em while they’re hot!”

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