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Our reality is basically all energy, and an interesting quote is an interesting Hz.

These are quotes I like, for various reasons. Being real though, I don’t even know why I like quotes enough to make a section of them. I just like’em. Actually, no—I know why: they put a smile on my face, made me go “WTF!,” were super intriguing, or made me LMAO, when most things don’t.

I might post some on social media and repost’em here, or vice versa.

The quotes come from various sources, from movies to comment sections, to the bible to random people’s IG bios.

I’ll fix this section up more in the futizzle (pronounced “fyu-chizzle”), and I’ll explain some stuff where applicable. Right now it just is what it is.


Sylvia (S): We have so little time. They’re gonna be here any minute.
Truman (T): Who are?
S: They don’t want me talking to you.
T: Then don’t talk.
[kiss][car approaching]
S: They’re here. Truman.
T: What do they want?
S: Listen to me. Everybody knows about you. Everybody knows everything you do. They’re pretending, Truman. Do you understand? Everybody’s pretending.
T: Lauren, I don’t know—
S: No, no, no, m-my name’s not Lauren. It’s Sylvia. My name’s Sylvia.
T: Sylvia?
S: Yeah.
“Lauren’s Father” (F): Lauren, sweetheart, not again.
T: Hey, wait a minute. Who are you?
F: I’m her father!
T: What?
S: I’ve never even seen him before.
T: We weren’t doing anything.
F: Honey, please.
S: He's lying. Truman, please, don’t listen to him. Everything I’ve told you is the truth. This, [grabs sand] it’s—it’s fake. It’s all for you.
T: I don’t understand.
S: And the sky and the sea, everything—it’s a set. It’s a show. Everybody’s watching you. Please don’t listen to him. He’s gonna lie to you. They’re watching us right now!
T: I really would like to know what’s going on.
F: Schizophrenia. She has episodes.
S: Please. Oh, no!
F: We’ve tried everything.
S: [honking horn]
F: Hypnotism, everything, shock therapy. Don’t worry, don’t worry, you’re not the first, you’re not the first.
S: Truman!
F: She brings all her boyfriends down here. [LMAO!]
S: What’s he saying? Truman, he’s lying! *almost-whisper* Get out of here. Come and find me.
F: Don’t worry. We’re going to fiji.
T: I’ll see ya in school!
F: Fiji. We’re Moving to fiji.
S: [muffled] There is no school.
T: Fiji?
– The Truman Show


“Joi is anything you want her to be. Joi goes anywhere you want her to go.” Spoken Ad in Blade Runner 2049. Not a fan of that movie, but a fan of that quote.


Starts at 31:30  [Outside the Cage Podcast - Ep 70 - Khabib and Joanna Jedrzejczyk] “He hef to he hef to, make my light off. If him don’t make dis. He have big problem.”


Hey Arnold! 4x12 15:55 “Boys, we are making large steps of progressive movement in practicing the sport of circumcised swimming.”


“Be the master, or be destroyed—is kinda the game that’s being played here.” Seth L - Facets of the soul, YHWH, universal law


Johnson Money’s IG bio | Life is too short to worry about what other say or think about you. Have fun and give them something to talk about...


“Start licking your stamps little girlies, cause this guy’s gonna have you writing home to Momma… Right here from 5 to 7, I’ll be your voice, your tongue and I’ll be here hot on the trail of the sexiest man of the year... D-man... Your man... My man.” – Ruby Rhod


“Criticism is something you can easily avoid by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing.” Aristotle




“Moisture is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty.” Derek Zoolander


“Then I saw this a—snarling... beast guy, and then I noticed he had a tissue in his hand, and I realized, y’know, he’s not snarling—he’s sneezing.” Agent J


“There’s two types of people, people that look at porn and people that lie about it. But I wasn’t looking at porn—uh on my phone, I don’t …” Alex Jones


“We’ll move through life trying to make the best of something we haven’t even begun to understand, pushing through our days and nights engaged in increasingly aimless, valueless, senseless activities that clarify nothing, that produce little, and that generate not much more than more things to do while on our way to where, we don’t know, but an eventual end that we call death, the anticipation of which offers naught but a heightened sense of what feels like the almost bitterly laughable fruitlessness of it all.” – CWG4 Neale Donald Walsch


“B1: But there are those who would say it’s the young people and their crazy, wacko, liberal ideas, who have taken this country and this world down the tubes. Sent it to hell. Pushed it to the edge of oblivion. Destroyed our values-oriented culture, and replaced it with a do-whatever-you-want-to-do, whatever “feels good,” morality which threatens to end our very way of life.

B2: The young people are destroying your way of life. The young people have always done that. Your job is to encourage it, not discourage it. It is not your young people who are destroying the rain forests. They are asking you to stop it. It is not your young people who are depleting your ozone layer. They are asking you to stop it. It is not your young people who are exploiting the poor in sweat shops all over the world. They are asking you to stop it. It is not your young people who are taxing you to death, then using the money for war and machines of war. They are asking you to stop it. It is not your young people who are ignoring the problems of the weak and the downtrodden, letting hundreds of people die of starvation every day on a planet with more than enough to feed everybody. They are asking you to stop it. It is not your young people who are engaging in the politics of deception and manipulation. They are asking you to stop it. It is not your young people who are sexually repressed, ashamed and embarrassed about their own bodies and passing on this shame and embarrassment to their offspring. They are asking you to stop it. It is not your young people who have set up a value system which says that “might is right” and a world which solves problems with violence. They are asking you to stop it. Nay, they are not asking you… they are begging you.

B1: Yet it is young people who are violent! Young people who join gangs and kill each other! Young people who thumb their nose at law and order—at any kind of order. Young people who are driving us crazy!

B2: When the cries and pleas of young people to change the world are not heard and never heeded; when they see that their cause is lost—that you will have it your way no matter what—young people, who are not stupid, will do the next best thing. If they can’t beat you, they will join you. Your young people have joined you in your behaviors. If they are violent, it is because you are violent. If they are materialistic, it is because you are materialistic. If they are acting crazy, it is because you are acting crazy. If they are using sex manipulatively, irresponsibly, shamefully, it is because they see you doing the same. The only difference between young people and older people is that young people do what they do out in the open. Older people hide their behaviors. Older people think that young people cannot see. Yet young people see everything. Nothing is hidden from them. They see the hypocrisy of their elders, and they try desperately to change it. Yet having tried and failed, they see no choice but to imitate it. In this they are wrong, yet they have never been taught differently. They have not been allowed to critically analyze what their elders have been doing. They have only been allowed to memorize it. What you memorize, you memorialize. – CWG2 Neale Donald Walsch


“You know, it’s funny; when you look at someone through rose-colored glasses, all the red flags just look like flags.” – Wanda the Owl


“Well what the hell’s a quirky sense of humor? People watch movies where they butcher little kids! What the hell are you—whh—this is why everybody—and here’s my diatribe for the day: This is what everybody’s so scared about right now. When Steve can do this we are in deep shit! Because there’s just nothing there! You find me where someone who’s like Steve does this—I hope the hell they find, when they do the autopsy that there’s a tumor in his head or something, because if they don’t, we’re all in trouble. Because this is—Steve was just—I mean, Steve’s dead, ya can’t say anything bad about him anymore because who cares, say whatever you want about him, I don’t—it’s not gonna hurt me. Something horrible happened to my brother. And whatever happened to him in his head, that made him go over the edge like this…. don’t… ya know… when the lights go out at night and you lay your head on your pillow, this is you and me… I mean, c’mon guys! This is what everybody’s so scared about right now.” – Eric “Woogie” P.


“It is but owing to the narrow conceptions, to the inattention in respect to the things in nature, that may really be applied to the improvement of the human condition, to most deplorable prejudices in which we are generally trained up, and in which even the learned pass their lives, that proposals like mine may appear fabulous.

The studious, the reflecting mind will soon discover the connexions between the means and the effects to be produced thereby. But there will be also men, who are so ill favoured by nature, that they slovenly adhere to their accustomed narrow notions, without inquiring into the truth of new ideas, and will rather, in apology for their mental sloth, pride themselves in despising, disputing, and ridiculing whatever appears novel to them.

We have superabundance of power, powers without limits, million times greater than all men on earth could effect hitherto: this is proved : does it become to a rational man to continue looking with apathy and dulness at them? — Has he not seen and learned enough of experiments in machineries in our days, to rouse his mind to be alive at the great advantages they may afford more and more? — Will, at the contemplation of those gigantic powers that cost nothing to men, no new light dawn in the mind?

Nature plays with these mighty powers before our eyes in the most irregular way.” – The Paradise Within the Reach of All Men, Without Labour, By Powers of Nature and Machinery. An Address to All Intelligent Men. In Two Parts., by J. A. Etzler


I love this quote! To me, it harkens back to the concept of humans being a somewhat-invented species.

Genesis 1:26, King James Version of the Bible

“And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness”

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