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I’m a fan of art.

I’m a fan of creative entertainment, and creativity in general. I can’t claim to be about that art-life when I haven’t yet done what I seek to, but I’m mos def a bit of an art-head; not THAT much, but that fiery attraction is definitely there, and it runs the creative spectrum. Everything from painting to digital, to music, to movies, to comedy (is that “officially” an art?), to theatre, to fashion to literature. I pretty much appreciate all kinds of art, even the weird/avant-garde stuff.

Right now, a lot my artistic expressions are personal, and I have little to offer the public compared to what I would like to, but I had to make this section because I have things I would like to produce, and talents I’d like to share with the world beyond the books I’ve published.

Stay tuned.

The art featured in the gallery sections’ banner (painting, scratchboard, and photography) were made by yours truly. When I get settled in with the various projects I’m working on, I will be putting out a spectrum of arts for peeps to peep.

You wouldn’t think it, but all of the color/geometry/pretty-ful design stuff I put in my work is orchestrated by me, because I’m an artsy-fartsy person, as well as a super analytical, detail-oriented person (well, sorta kinda; I can turn it on and off—I don’t always care about minutia). I even design my websites based on that innate appreciation for balance, style, and tone. As an example, I chose the theme song used in CM videos because I LOVE that song (although I’ve heard it a million and one times already so I would never put it on an mp3 player (and doesn’t that beat GO DUMB?! (THAT BEAT IS BUMPIN’ LIKE BACNE ON A BACKBONE!))).

So yeah, I’m “center-brained”—very freeform, abstract, no-rules-carefree in the moment, spontaneously wtf-thats-way-out-there-bro-im-trippin-balls-scoob art-minded, as well as logically organized, meh-that-wasn’t-funny, plan-plan-plan, schedule-schedule-schedule, calculation-minded. As a wise man/ghetto poet once said, “I get computers putin’.”

Good art—creative expressions that give meaning to the seemingly meaningless, like an epic on a blank movie screen, or an epic painting on a blank canvas; i.e., creative expressions that GENUINELY MOVE YOUR SOUL—for me, is a reminder as to why I am here on Earth at all. Good art is a level of therapy that can’t be prescribed or explained, and can only be experienced.

I’m not talking about going into a room of paintings with a glass of wine and a black French beret, and acting pretentious, I’m talking about feeling the vibration of your favorite song, and how it causes an involuntary reaction of authentic happiness, and visceral joy. I’m talking about that feeling of “I am so blessed to be alive, and so grateful to able to experience this amazingly amazing magnificence.” THAT’S good art.

In the future, I’ll have a ton of art for you to experience, and I’ll make a list of good art for you to check out, made by others. And to the grammar police, yes, I’m aware the “good” in “good art” is a 5-cent word being used to express a million-dollar term. ~Good art doesn’t have to be expensive.~ I might use a different term in the future, but good art sounds like “good food,” which is what people want when hungry. Good art is food for the soul, and nourishment for your human character. It reminds you of who are choosing, have chosen, and may choose to be, as an act of self-declaration and self-definition. Good art is merely a good mirror… gifted from spirit to spirit.

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