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I’ve done and do many things.

For a great summary, go here: colecreations.info

The mainstay of what I do is various forms of teaching and information dispensation (giving out raw data based on observations). I’m also expanding my activities into helping people transform their health, along with other endeavors I’m passionate about.

Regarding teaching, we all learn and teach others in different ways. I specifically make all sorts of things for people to enjoy new perspectives, ranging from books to movies, to personal consultations, wherein I offer direct clarification and guidance one-on-one. Sharing new ideas with the right person at the right time can be life-changing and monumental for one’s growth. I’m blessed to be in position to help others with their soul’s path of self-discovery and self-creation.

I love teaching others to be their own teacher, by understanding exactly, precisely how the world around you is actually a world within you.

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