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In the past 5 years, I’ve probably only taken about 200 photos in total.

Now think about it… that may sound like a large number, but I’m talking about IN TOTAL. Every birthday party, marriage, Christmas, Thanksgiving, family gathering, etc., I’ve probably only been on camera about 200 times. I think most people break that number in selfies in 5 months, let alone 5 years.

My apologies if you were expecting professional, staged, commercial, filtered pictures. Those kinds of photos come off a bit “fake” to me, so I just grabbed a mirror and started snapping.

One of the reasons I haven’t plastered my face all over this site and the others is because I’m a big fan of the age old adage, “focus on the message, not the messenger.” I don’t like putting myself out there much because I want people to enjoy the information and media without being forced to associate a face and personality to it. If I did, consciousness mechanics would soon turn into carlton mechanics. (The Cole’s paradox label is an exception. Whenever someone discovers/is first to publically explain a paradox, it’s labeled their surname; e.g., Denny’s paradox, Fermi’s paradox, Levinthal’s paradox, etc.)

With all that said, I want to fill this page with interesting information, so I think I’ll explain why I’m choosing “the look” I am choosing. Believe it or not, although I’m basically Jamaican-American, I don’t smoke and I’m not a Rasta. I have my hair grown 100% naturally, and they aren’t twisted into shape. I’ve done this for a specific reason.

The human hair has different functions, but the hair on the top of the head functions similar to a biological electromagnet extension for the brain—specifically like a solenoid. (Key terms, LIKE and SIMILAR TO. I didn’t say they exactly are.)

Depending on your DNA, it will determine how spiraled your hair is. The more spiraled, the more the different fields compound the energy being anchored into your skull, and it increases the quality of certain brain-perception factors. The energy being referred to is the same HDEMF spoken about in my book, CM: Navigating the Matrix. This would take too long to explain in detail; I’ll probably make a video about it in the future. Long story short, I have long dreads because it lets me tune in more to the minds around me, and the energy-information of my environment.

This “tuning in” ability of the hair is amplified the more hair you have, and closer together your coils are, while in a certain formation. I believe this is why the sadhu, some gurus, and Tibetan Buddhists see dreadlocks as a sacred hairstyle, hence the notion of receiving a “skra dbang” and “jata” in Sanskrit. Granted, I’m not saying they consciously know the electromagnetic reason I stated before, I’m saying maybe someone who was knowledgeable and sensitive enough to pick up on the basic principle started the trend and got the ball rolling for it to be seen as a special style of hair. It’s the same religion(s) that invented chakras and the whole concept of a 3rd eye, so who knows what else some of those ancients knew?

Here are some of the people I was talking about. Their hair doesn’t naturally grow like that; it’s more of a style symbolic of a certain spiritual lifestyle choice. The guy directly above to the right is Nithyananda, a popular guru in India.

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