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About Me

TAS Levels stands for Template Alignment Spectrum Levels, and are the level at which your physical body is in alignment with your mental/soul/“astral” body, and your body’s DNA. Your soul body is the body you use when asleep in a dream (basically), and humanity is collectively out of alignment with its DNA through pathogens and toxicity, much of which is inescapably passed down from generation to generation, in the womb. The hows, whats and whys of TAS levels are more complex than what’s been stated, but this is all a simple truism for understanding what TAS levels are. It is the level at which your HDEMF-self is being expressed through your brain.

There are 3 levels to them.

I am currently at level 1, as are you.

Almost no one is on level 2 or 3, for a million reasons.

I know the higher levels exist because I’ve had visceral, tangible, memorable glimpses of them. It’s one thing to theorize and imagine TAS levels; it’s another to physically observe and experience them. The fact that I already somewhat experienced them is why I felt to talk about them now. At the time, I was awestruck that such an experience was even possible for the human form—specifically for me though. I know there are all sorts of miraculous people out there, so who knows what’s possible. I was just astonished that such a thing was available for me to experience.

Everything I’m able to perceive, experience, and know—everything I do and the quality in which I do them—is dependent upon my TAS level.

I will be raising my levels in the near future.

I’m taking my time for various reasons, one being I’ll have to create a whole new lifestyle approach.

Never feeling hungry (you can still eat, you just won’t be hungry; daily meals, grocery stores, and restaurants will lose their significance), being psychic (being hard to surprise), telepathic (you can feel the good and bad mental information of others), having your presence ruin electronic devices (no more phones; good luck with computers), seeing spirits and hearing voices (absolutely no privacy), being able to consciously generate out-of-body experiences (“A whole new woooooorld!” *Aladdin voice*) and never physically showing signs of aging (fun) would leave one completely and utterly alien to modern culture.

Again, I’m nowhere near that level, and basically no one is.

But I’m getting there. Slowly but surely. I’ll diarize this process through my youtube channels.

To keep it 100, I don’t want to beat a dead horse, so instead of rewriting the same info, just go here for more details about TAS levels.

I had to make the page you’re reading now because it really, truly reflects who and what I am. In the future, as I become TAS2 or even TAS3, I won’t be the same person anymore, and my perspective on things will have shifted outstandingly.

There are so many things a TAS3 human can do that a TAS1 cannot, it would seem as if one were liken to a God, and the other… an upright animal—it’s THAT gigantic a gap. A TAS3 human would make it DRAMATICALLY obvious as to why humans are not animals, whereas right now all you have to do is read the news and it’s clear we, as a collective, aren’t much beyond them.

And again, it can sound like fantasy if you’ve never gotten a glimpse of it, but I have, so I can speak with authority and brazenness, and assure you it is real. I understand people will have their opinions on such a subject, but unless they’ve had the experience, those opinions are as unfounded in my eyes as my accounting may seem to theirs.

Also, TAS3 has many abilities I didn’t mention. The stuff I listed here and on the linked page isn’t everything.

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