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Passions and Interests

Here’s a list of things I resonate to. I bounce around in levels of res depending on what I’m into at any given time period. Some things are overarching life-path constructs and some are specific hobbies I enjoy while on that path.

• Deciphering all aspects of the multidimensional human experience, which includes mind, spirit, sexuality, and physiology. This obviously encompasses an astronomical amount of subjects, but from my perspective, the human experience, as large as it is, is still quantifiable and knowable. What I’ve learned thus far is that the human experience allows for the complete and total understanding of the human experience. But the catch is this: The human experience is only completely understandable if you don’t put it on a pedestal, and thus make the information hard to reach. You have to fully accept that all the information about what you are is your birthright to access, until you say it isn’t, because saying it isn’t is your birthright as well.

• Unlocking the natural divinity in the human form. The human brain isn’t being used to its fullest capacity due to many cultural factors—it’s a long story. Let’s just say the mind’s eye can do a lot more than create visions of fantasy and envision the past. The human brain naturally has a spectrum of sensory experiences that are often billed as “supernatural” and “impossible,” of which I myself am learning more about. Also, this dormant ability concept extends to the whole body, not just the brain. For example, I believe the human body can very easily live twice as long as people tend to live now, under certain conditions.

• Pathology. Creating methods for curing disease, and learning about how pathogens oporate.

• Helping solve Earth’s/human culture’s problems.

• Food, nutrition, and body physics.

• Most natural sciences (chemistry, biology, quantum theory, special relativity, lots of subjects). I think a majority of sciences are easily, naturally understood when approached with a genuine curiosity. That genuine curiosity is what allows you to see through the fancy, pretentious terminology used to describe simple life events, which is all science is. All science is inherently “easy”—it literally is just explaining how something works in relation to something else (e.g., events in time). It just seems “hard” because people have a hard time seeing how the information is relevant to their life, and intuit that the information is relatively inaccurate and subject to revision, so it doesn’t stick in their subconscious mind for long.

• Comedy. I specifically enjoy being the comic, more so than watching others. There are a few I love watching though.

• Music. Singing, playing piano, guitar, and other instruments. Making music physically and digitally.

• Earth and human history.

• Mixed martial arts. I favor many sports, but I enjoy playing them more than watching them. MMA is the one sport I follow news on.

• Strength training and bodybuilding.

• Art. Creative expression. Writing.

• Aliens. The ET phenomenon and ufology.

• Natural geometry. Understanding the weave of matter and energy. The concept of natural beauty.

• Fashion.

• Authenticity in Hip Hop. There’s too much Malibu’s Most Wanted tomfoolery and cornballery afoot. I listen to all kinds of music, but I see Hip Hop as a quasi-culture.

• Technology.

• Politics.

That pretty much sums it up. There’s some specific stuff I’m into, but they all fall into an aforementioned category.

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