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My primary source is my own experience. This involves physical and nonphysical observations. Physical observation involves experimentation or simple witnessing, and nonphysical observation can sometimes involve being in altered states, wherein I perceive all sorts of information in various ways. One way is for me to witness an animation/dream sequence while asleep, regarding a specific subject topic. Another is I’ll basically get a mental download in the form of a feeling, sometimes including a mental image, and I’ll simply know what I need to know, in the moment. The brain is a biological radio, and can tune to all sorts of information when the emotional stimuli is correct, and the brain is healthy. For me, I can’t just get downloads for no reason—there has to be a genuine emotive force allowing that to happen. If I mastered this natural skill, the first thing I’d do is apply for something similar to Randi’s psychic challenge (the original doesn’t exist anymore).

Another one of my primary methods of realizing new info is by extrapolation. That’s why when I put out info regarding the nature of reality, I never make things up out of thin air. I merely reveal what was always there, but seemed hidden. I have a natural method of logic-ing a life equation down, regarding physical problems of cause and effect. Anyone can know anything, dictated by one’s brain capacity, and to have a question is to have an answer. Whenever there’s something to understand, there may be several answers, but the specific query you have ALWAYS has a specific answer—the catch is that the answer you seek may require other answers, other experiences, and your immediate answer may only be an arrow pointing you into a different state of being, given that the human nervous system is limited in what it can perceive. The challenge is being willing to get to that answer. Some answers people desire regarding the nature of reality, whether it be about big, worldly events or nuclear physics, require a process to get to that info. In that process, you get to experience the unraveling of that mystery, no matter how miniscule or grand. This trek is one reason why the physical dimension even exists. In the physical it’s all about process, whereas in the nonphysical (dream realms) things can be instantaneously observed or experienced.

Another main source of information is what I call “data tentacles.”

Basically, they are individuals that are experts in a particular field, are passionate about what they do, and have helped me know what I need to know, to keep being the fullest me I can be.

I refer to these people as data tentacles (I’ll call them “DTs”) because I resonate to them, like they are extensions of my bigger self, reaching out and bringing the little self the data it needs to keep growing. I, in turn, gather information for other bigger-little selves, assisting others in their journey of understanding more about the self.

Now the thing about my DTs is that I never agree with them on everything, and have my own unique perspective.

We all have DTs, as I’m a DT for some that will ultimately read this. A DT is really just someone who’s information you resonate with. The reason I made this section is because there are certain people doing amazing work, and me learning what they’ve learned on certain topics has made me into the person I am today.

Honestly, for most of my DTs I only agree with about 5-30% of their content, but 5-30% is an astronomically large number, considering I resonate with very, very little info “out there” about the subjects impassioning me. A lot of thought paradigms need a complete overhaul to me, so when I find someone I resonate with it’s like a miracle.

For example, Anthony “The Medical Medium” Williams. I used a lot of his/“Spirit of the Most High’s” info to formulate my experiments, so I could test stuff out for myself, and wound up disagreeing with most of his content. But my disagreements are reflective of the people we are, and I still recommend people check out his health info. One disagreement is the fact that he promotes various diets as a means of health, including cooked food and meat. Basically, the issue is that he promotes a TAS1 diet, which won’t unlock true perfect health. But at the same time, I know he’s just catering to what people like, and what would be somewhat appetizing for the average person. Most people aren’t health conscious, and don’t care about what you “should or shouldn’t” eat, and I respect that. Still, my approach is that it doesn’t matter what people want, the body is a specific structure, and runs on other specific structures, and deviating from those structures will result in needing MRP. For me, what people eat is none of my business, but if someone goes out of their way to ask me about health food, I’m going to suggest the cleanest, pristine-st, rawest, most natural living fuel possible. That said, his leniency is a beautiful thing that helps people with health issues all around the world, as I aspire to do.

So, yeah… I love my sources, and I love my Source. In the future, if I ever start to interview people, I’ll be sure to interview some of them!


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