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Many Roles

This section is a little unorthodox. I decided a cool way of explaining who I am would be to feature different archetypes and stereotypes of other personas as different facets of my own persona. The phrase “many roles” has to do with the fact that life is a kind of play, my spirit/mind is the actor, and the person I express myself as is my persona—who I am is no different than an actor playing a part in a theatre show. At the core, I am simply experience, but based upon the choices I’ve made and experiences I’ve had, I’ve grown to be quite the character. Here are some of the energetic masks I incorporate with the material mask that is my body.

This is a simple, lighthearted, fun way of describing myself.

The people pictured do not always fit the description!

I simply chose pictures I thought “felt” what I meant.



The wavelength of a long haired, beardless, spiritual, Native American medicine man. I feel very connected to nature, and enjoy creating natural, plant-based concoctions and solutions for healing the body that most modern physicians would consider primitive, and “needing more research” before being a valid method for curing disease.

The left photo is a relatively unidentified medicine man, named “Big Medicine Man.” I don’t know if that’s what he called himself, but that’s what the photographer put his name as. The right photo is Sitting Bull, a chief and medicine man.



I have a passion for music, partying, and dancing, and I feel like life itself is a kind of celebration. I also grew up relatively poor, which taught me how to have fun making the most out of what I have, and how to consciously choose to generate happiness within myself. These two dancers completely exhibit the vibe I’m talking about.

Like the people in these pictures, some may glance at me and judge me as “inferior” or “less than” for one superficial reason or another, but my body and spirit is undeniably rich, and that’s a form a value that can never decrease.



Akhenaten often depicted himself and his royal family with alien-human hybrid features. I believe he was attempting to emulate something he felt he couldn’t fully achieve. One reason I resonate to this is because I believe human DNA is an expression of genetic royalty. Obviously aspects of culture are messed up, and people can be devilishly cruel, but that doesn’t change the human capacity to love and to create.

I resonate to the intelligence behind the phenotype-ideal Akhenaten wished to imitate. It has to do with being a person that has the capacity to understand the production of space travel, and seeing the divinity in sunlight. Sunlight is NOTHING like regular, artificial light from a light bulb.



The samurai wavelength. Decorated warriors fighting with honor. I have a bit of a warrior spirit, although I am also undoubtedly a fan of peace. Most people contain that yin and yang. As politically incorrect as it is, violence has been a natural occurrence on Earth since the dinosaurs. Physical destruction—like fire, lightning, and hurricanes—is just one of the many ways nature has of expressing itself. It’s another form of energy exchange and transformation. I’m not advocating we all act like vicious animals, I’m just stating a clear fact that chaos and negative destruction is as much a method of change as harmony and positive creation. The wavelength of alpha male, primal ferocity is one of the reasons I like mixed martial arts.



I somewhat resonate with the archetype of an upper crust, late 1800’s to early 1900’s, monocled, “I do declare” older British man. A tea drinking, pinky up, “if I dare say so myself” kind of guy. The kind of aristocratic/plutocratic class of men seen in the recent two Alice in Wonderland movies by Tim Burton. Think Buzz Killington. Think “revisiting the birth of the D’Oyly Carte Opera Company by fireplace, with pipe tobacco and caviar.”



I have a deep spiritual connection with Yeshua, Buddha, and the overall concept of enlightenment, and connecting with others by sharing ideas to realize your connection with the universe and God within. Jesus is my middle name! (Well, a transliteration of “Yeshua” is.) Just to be clear, I don’t literally think I’m Jesus, lol. I just STRONGLY identify with ancient spiritual teachers that had an impact that went beyond their community. It’s normal for people to resonate with spiritual teachers, because we are all spiritual teachers in our own way.

Also, as a side note, I don’t agree with common mental and physical depictions of ancient spiritual teachers. Even the pictures I posted above I feel look a bit nonsensical. Just by following the story, Yeshua was an ancient southern Palestinian Jew. Rarely is he made to look like the actual people of ancient southern Palestine, which have bone records for reference, and I highly doubt had manicures and perfectly tweezed eyebrows. And if he was a stonemason/carpenter/builder, why is he so commonly depicted as frail and feminine? Who said being a spiritual teacher meant having a delicate, dainty posture? And as for Buddha, he is often depicted as very pale and Chinese looking (I made sure to choose a picture where he isn’t). Would a Nepalese man who travels and meditates in nature for a living look pale? And the super-elongated ear lobes! Lol, I wonder what other body mods Buddha’s got going on. And don’t get me started on Buddha’s alter ego/incarnation, Budai aka “Fat Buddha.” Being all about material deprivation and abstaining from earthly desires doesn’t sound like a philosophy that leads to morbid obesity.

With all that said, obviously people made art of their spiritual teachers in their own image-ideals, because it allowed them to identify more strongly with their story. Depictions of certain physical characteristics will undoubtedly transform through cultures like a game of telephone. I just wanted to poke some fun at Buddha’s emo ears.



I believe much of what’s considered science fiction today will be modern reality in 100+ years, just like how popular home technology jumped from no TV to having smartphones with internet and GPS. I feel like a scientist of the future, born to anchor new ideas to ultimately become what’s currently called a “future scientist.” The keyword in all this is feel—I literally FEEL like I was dropped here from the future. This may sound grandiose, but it’s actually quite normal. We all feel this way naturally whenever we have some goal or desire. Anybody who’s ever intentionally made something new has always resonated with the future potential first. Whenever I see doctors or scientists in sci-fi movies doing futuristic things with technology that defies the laws of modern science, I sometimes think, “I could see myself doing that.”



The inventor. I STRONGLY resonate with the concept of “making things people around the world can use or learn about.” “Things” meaning information and technology. It’s like being a technological messenger, compared to the other side of the coin which is being a spiritual messenger. Growing up, I noticed several “coincidental” events with my connection to Einstein that, looking back upon as an adult, was pretty unexpected. It was little stuff and big stuff. Little stuff, such as several times having to do biographies and reports on him, even when I was randomly assigned a person out of many. This happened throughout all stages of schooling. I remember at least once I told a teacher I don’t want to do Einstein because I’ve done past reports on him in other classes with other teachers. The next time I got him after that, I figured I’d just accept it because doing the report would be easy. But all of this is a portion of the little stuff, as for the rest of the little stuff and the big stuff, I’ll delve into all that at another time. (I don’t think I’m his reincarnation, a man named Mehran I think may be.)



Old school Rock Star + Early 2000’s Rap Star. #turnup



The therapist archetype. I am the type of person that can easily see the properties of a person’s mindset that is allowing them to be in the state they are in, and can offer new ideas and suggestions if called upon to do so.



The Jedi: badass space monk warriors that keep the peace. I’m not a huge Star Wars fan, and obviously they’re fake, but I resonate with some of the diplomatic and philosophical content espoused in the movies. One day when Earth can travel the stars, maybe such a role will need to be filled... okay I’m done now.

For more info on what is meant by “personas,” click here!

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