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—February 18th, 2020—

There have been many updates,

including new pages, content, and even fonts.

Click around and see for yourself!

Belated Happy 2020 and 2019!

—April 23rd, 2018—

Over the past few weeks in April, I went through a much needed transformation. I had a long string of epiphanies, all about the nature of “happiness,” belief, purpose, drive, thought, choice, desire, the soul, the balanced self, natural ecstasy, and the structure of the human experience. There was a lot of uniquely personal information for myself as well. The transformation, itself, mostly amounted to me becoming more conscious of the mechanics behind how consciousness makes choices, and even why and "where" these choices "come from."

The key in my transformation that started all this was more properly understanding what happiness really is, because the experience called “happiness” is actually a spectrum of different things, and is as a concept more complex than I consciously imagined prior. I wasn’t feeling as happy as I knew I could, and was wondering why I would choose that, even in the face of the fact that I know happiness is a choice. Suffice to say, that led me down a rabbit hole. The concept of happiness is a lot more complex than just “feeling good and smiling.” Because happiness is so complex, it isn’t always easy to experience, even though some spiritual teachers are happy to say it is. But again, happiness wasn’t all I learned about, that was just the beginning. And one thing I really want to mention (I’ve gotta make some statement) is that mental happiness (the kind of happiness people usually reference using the word “happy”) is largely just feeling a conscious, deep appreciation, based upon the soul’s desire to express itself, filtered through the person’s beliefs. There’s more to it than that, but I just thought I’d mention something, because I’m looking forward to sharing my findings with the world.

This overall transformation I had led to what may in the future amount to a book or several books, and will definitely make an appearance in CM, seeing as though my learning spanned a variety of topics.

I can genuinely say I am more happy, healthy, and wise due to this transformation.

I’ve had similar soul-searching transformations before, but I didn’t know then what I know now, which made all the difference.

Right now I am only motivated towards working on CM videos.

There are still updates to the site I will make in due time.

So many paths, so much time. :)

—November 10th, 2017—

Much work has been done, as is there much work to be done.

However, I feel obligated to give an update, since so much progress has been made: I've launched all sorts of projects a little over a week ago, basically on Halloween. Regarding one of those endeavors, I'm very proud and grateful that I managed to get the MRP stuff up and running on breast cancer awareness month, seeing as though it's an effort to cure cancer. And since launching the projects, I've also got the ball rolling on some personal stuff as well, which is like another project in and of itself. I'll give details on the personal thing at a later date—for now, I just want to mark this time on my website for future reference of some really lovely things to come.

It's also worth mentioning that this site is fully functional now, but updates will continue to be made. I'm planning on adding another section, one for selling stuff that isn't IAMNIVERSE related, for instance, some books I'd like to make. In the future it will feature other stuff as well, such as artwork, music, and different things. When I go full throttle on the music stuff I'll probably make a separate website for that. The music stuff is a ways in the future though, right now I'm focused elsewhere, as some artists are wont to do. Me focusing elsewhere allows me to build a proper platform, effectively setting the stage for my next big activity.

—August 30th, 2017—

This section is more of a "what's new" section than a blog, per se. I'm just calling it a blog in case I feel to rant or post something that would be blog-like. Actually no, scratch that, I'm going to rant and rave more than enough to solidify this as a blog. :) I even have the next blog post thought out, but I don't want to post it yet because I have the rest of this website and MRP on the IAMNIVERSE site to build. I'm glad I finally have my own personal website that can be filled with content different than IAMNIVERSE stuff. Even getting this domain name (a website address, such as "," is called a "domain" in internet lingo) was an interesting experience. As far as I can remember, my whole life whenever I've checked for "" there was always a website for it or someone was simply hogging the domain. Now that I'm inspired to move forward with MRP, which is something I've been somewhat hesitating to do, everything has fell into place and lo and behold, the domain that would be a helpful stepping stone in accomplishing MRP magically appears.

Needless to say, I look at all this as a self-created sign of what's to come.


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